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About Us

Our Story

Seastematic FZCO was founded in 2020 in UAE in response to the growing market need and demand for digitalizing various business models and operations, transforming conventional operational and marketing models into a digital eco-friendly model. We utilize technology which will make it easier for service providers to monitor, analyze, streamline their business, or a simple fun and innovative ways to get their brand recognized in the modern loud marketing environment.

At the same time, the growing usage of mobile applications and digital interfaces has created a continuous demand by consumers to gain access to smoother, easier and contactless operations models where consumers can explore, locate and perform any transactions by the tip of the finger anytime, anywhere and in a few clicks.

We are engaged in several activities where we identified the potential to smoothen the process and the operation for the service providers as well as the consumers, and we are working to transform such operations from conventional ways into easier, more fun, modern and more efficient operations that will support local businesses marketing campaigns, goals, and customer outreach. While at the same time provide consumers with an easy access to desired services. Promoting our vision of “Fun is Just A Click Away”.

We at Seastematic take our vision from the Sea itself, the Sea that has no limits, that reaches the horizon, that borders the very blue sky that is our thinking. The sea that is unrestrained, the waves of inspiration and the promise of new shores. With a crystal-clear mission to leverage local service providers and help them reach their maximum potential, while providing a fun way for consumers to find their desired services. We identify and catch each wave of 0opportunity to move forward along with our partners. Like the sea, our ideas and solutions are endless, enticing and never still.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is of a world where fun is accessible by everyone.

Our Mission is to boost innovation and provide easy, convenient, fun and reliable solutions to consumers and service providers.

We Aspire to cover the MENA region, from a launch in the UAE, then moving across the GCC and then expand into Middle East and North Africa Markets within 5 years.

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